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Easy to use

hybrid Cash-Based Accounting

We have created a hybrid form of cash-basis bookkeeping.

With this system, we record transactions as soon as the money moves to and from your bank or credit cards.

This is a simplified approach suitable to many OMBs.

Simplified Dashboards


Connect your Bank accounts and Credit Cards

You transactions are automatically fetched and organized to create the basis of your books.

On day 1 you are presented with an easy-to-understand interface, built for simplicity and data that drives your business.

Accounts receivable is automatically recorded with follow up aging reports.


We understand OMBs are on a

Our plans are affordable for:

Self Employed
Solo Operators
Gig Workers and part-time owners

Actually, zeroentry is built specifically for Solo Operators without Employees.

We keep it simple - ONLY the features the OMB needs!

Time saving

bookkeeping and administrative work

So you can focus on

earnings and working with clients

What about Financial Statements and Tax time?
Accrual It makes it all possible
When you need accrual-based Financial Statements we have developed Accrual-It to guide you thru the process.
how is this possible

Understand the difference between cash and accrual

transactions are recorded as soon as the money has been deposited into your bank or charged to your bank/credit card

transactions are recorded when an invoice is sent, NOT when payment is received

what is included
  • cash-based general ledger
  • invoicing
  • payment integration
  • cashflow tracking tools
  • budget generation
  • extensive reporting tools
  • Accrual Report generation with AccrualIt
  • Tax Preperation tools
  • seemless integration to Bssential's other applications

How easy is it to get started?

We use your bank transactions as our source. Upload you latest Financial Statement (or last year's taxes). We can start with as little as our latest balance sheet and income statement.

We don't require your previous bookkeeping to complete work going forward, but it is a good source of information for us to create a historical record for your analysis benefit.

Simplified Dashboards
Invoice Generator