Discerning where business ends and personal begins is hard


Every business decision you make impacts
you personally, and vice versa.

This is why we created Personal Connect.

How does your personal lifestyle effect your business?

When making decisions, a Business Owner must take into account their Lifestyle needs and goals. Without a clear understanding of their Personal spending needs, it is difficult to make informed decisions.

This is why we created Personal Connect

Be informed. Know where you stand financially requires accurate Business Financial Records + their Personal spending needs. Imagine having a Personal Budget automatically, or the ability to view your Current Net Worth.


Consolidated NET WORTH

Combine your Business + Personal for complete Owner's Net Worth

Tax Planning

Create effective Tax with Income Splitting and setting appropriate salary draws

Decision Tools

Ensuring the Owner makes the best business decisions

Track Personal Spending

Using Zero-entry Personal, you will have automated budget

Budget + Planning Tools

Having a Budget and Plan gets you in the know

Forecast Tool

Set Lifestyle Goals - forecast how to achieve your goals

and more...

Tracking Personal Spending is easy with Zero-Entry.

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Consolidate your Business + Personal to get a Consolidated Net Worth of the Business Ownewr

CONSOLIDATED Net Worth Statement

for Business Owner's

As a business owner, your Personal transactions are consolidated with your business operations, to provide a “true” financial picture.

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