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Imagine a visit to the Doctor's Office

Preliminary Diagnosis

Your doctor could diagnose MINOR health problems during this initial visit; possibly discovering other issues. But nothing conclusive without further examination, lab test or a specialist referral.

Advanced Diagnosis

You are sent for Lab Tests or a visit to a Specialist for ADVANCED DIAGNOSIS. At the follow-up visit, a definitive prognosis could be made.

Now imagine this service for Business Health

Business Advisory Services are available from accounting professionals, but this service can be expensive and time consuming; typically costing $1500 to $3000.

Unfortunately, this price is out of reach for many OMBs, forcing them to go without.

We have created an alternative!
specific to the needs & budet of OMBs


traditionally cost

$1,500 to $3,000

with our plans

you can get started for


starting at $170

Business Health Check
Exploratory Diagnosis

FREE version
currently FREE in Beta

We have created a Business Health Check Application. Our fully functions MVP is online and we are accepting new Beta Testers.

  • Owner answers a series of questions
  • Questions are candid and easy to understand
  • complete in about 30 minutes
Automated Scorecard
  • Automated Risk Scoring Report generated
  • Business Divisions are scored & ranked
  • Top strengths & weaknesses indentified
  • Your top weaknesses are identified
  • Top solutions are listed only. No instructions given
  • guided solutions available in Advanced Version

Business Health Check
Advanced Diagnosis

start at $170

Our Advanced Diagnosis Business Health Check includes all features listed above, plus the following:

Exploratory features plus:
  • complete in about 30 45 minutes
Automated Scorecard
  • updated with a higher degree of accuracy
Financial Data Analysis
  • your Financial Statements are uploaded & automatically analysed
  • Data is evaluated against proprietary KPIs, and compared to accounting standards & industry statistics
  • Data is graded with our proprietary Performance metrics
  • a detailed Financial Scorecard is generated
  • Results from the Risk Scorecard are syncronized
Detailed Solutions Matrix
  • Your Weaknesses are prioritized by their severity and significance to your Business Health
  • The best solutions to fixing your Weaknesses are indexed and associated
  • The Solution Matrix with all relevant solutions is completed
  • Guided solutions are linked to your Matrix
  • Financial guides are generated and complete with your actual data

We are a new Start Up Company based in Calgary Alberta Canada.

If you are interested in a FREE Business Health Check or interested in our Investment Opportunities, please get in touch

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