HOW DO I Grow my Business? Increase Profits? Increase Sales? Know my Weaknesses?

Financial Data Analysis
+ Financial Scorecard

The first step of OMB Metrics is creating a Financial Profile of your Business. We start with an analysis of your Financial Statements

Exploratory features plus:
  • complete in about 30 45 minutes
Automated Scorecard
  • updated with a higher degree of accuracy
1. Financial Data Analysis
There are two sources of financial data:
a. Financial Statements only
b. full access to Bookkeeping (API)
  • your Financial Statements are uploaded & automatically analysed
  • Data is evaluated against proprietary KPIs
  • Data is compared to accounting standards & industry statistics
  • start of Financial Scorecard: (move to next column)
  • Data is graded with our proprietary Performance metrics
  • a detailed Financial Scorecard is generated
  • Results from the Risk Scorecard are syncronized
2. Financial Scorecard Report
3. Detailed Solutions Matrix
  • Your Weaknesses are prioritized by their severity and significance to your Business Health
  • The best solutions to fixing your Weaknesses are indexed and associated
  • The Solution Matrix with all relevant solutions is completed
  • Guided solutions are linked to your Matrix
  • Financial guides are generated and complete with your actual data

Financial Analysis + Scorecard

The first step of OMB Metrics is creating a Financial Profile of your Business. We start with an analysis of your Financial Statements and generate a Financial Scorecard.

(The Critical Business Health Check includes a Financial Data Analysis)

OMB Metrics proprietary Process:

MVP draft layout

Simplified GuidesPowerful Outcome

Our Financial Guides are built to remove the mysteries of Financial Efficiency. With your Data indexed (from the Financial Analysis) we provide the following:

  • Financial Scorecard - a summary of your current financial standing with Performance Target suggestions
  • Tools designed for measuring performance and predicting future outcomes
  • "What If" scenarios
  • Intuitive Guides - we direct you every step of the way
    • 1Examine your Options
      presenting the options to achieving your best (and realistic) outcome
    • 2Make a Plan
      devise a work plan based on your best options. We make it easy to follow and implement
    • 3Tracking
      sets targets with follow-up tracking to ensure your Plan succeeds
Below are a few examples of what we are building:

Financial Data Mining

Your financial data is holding a wealth of knowledge. Let us show you how to get the most out of it.

Gain Insight

Knowing where you stand financially is integral to any business. It ensures you make informed decisions more effectively.

Identify Weaknesses

Understanding your weaknesses will enable swift correction and future success.

Prepare for Growth

With complete understanding of your Business Health, you can make informed decisions to grow your business.

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Simplified Solutions

We take the guess work out of our solutions. They are simplified - developed specificially for OMBs.

Our Reports and intuitive Guides are built from years of experience helping small business. We direct you every step of the way.

Financial Analysis + Scorecard

When you signup for the Critical Business Health Check, a Financial Data Analysis is implemented.

We use Financial Statements to create a detailed Financial Scorecard

OMB Metrics proprietary Process:

MVP draft layout